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washing machine repair service in london

A&G Services is an established, professional, washing machine repair company in London. Our engineers are fully trained and competent in washer dryer and washing machine repairs in London.

At A&G we follow these principles when repairing a washing machine:

  • Arrival of the engineer at a convenient time for you.
  • We carry large number of spare parts and tools to carry our the repair on the first visit.
  • Extreme care taken when working on the premises.
  • We are responsible for any damage caused to the property of our customers, although this does not happen.
  • Professional advice on the proper use of the repaired equipment.
  • We issue 6 months warranty on the repair and parts.
  • Affordable/list prices on spare parts.
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Call us at 0207 476 8725 or 0754 085 2102 to book a service today

repair prices

freestanding washing machine

£70 +VAT

● no call out charge

● one off labour/Diagnostic charge

● six months guarantee

● no parking fees

● parts charged separately if required

integrated washing machine

£80 +VAT

● no call out charge

● one off labour/Diagnostic charge

● six months guarantee

● no parking fees

● parts charged separately if required

common faults

We repair all washing machine issues inluding some of the most common ones:


won’t start

very noisy

tripping the electrics

door won't open

no hot water

showing an error

won't drain

not using detergent

not spinning

repair tips

A common problem is a blocked filter at the bottom of the machine or a blocked drain pump. In this case the best thing to do initially is to clear the filter out. Sometimes the plug is very difficult or impossible to unscrew, because it has not been opened for a while or never, in this case, try and use pliers to turn the plug. But be careful, you don’t want to break the plug. If you can feel that this does not help and it does not open, leave the plug and move the washing machine out from the unit.

  • You’ll find the drain pump at the back of the machine which you need to clear of debris.
  • Make sure the washing machine is turned off and unplugged when you work on it.
  • Sometimes there is a blockage in the pipe leading to the drain pipe under the sink which needs to be unblocked.

If the washing machine is not washing clothes properly or if it is goes on for a long time, stops in the middle of the cycle, or if it blows the fuse and trips electricity, problem may be in the faulty heating element. In this case the heating element needs to be replaced.

If the washing machine heater element is faulty on a modern washing machine there should be an error code displayed which confirms the fault is with the heater circuit. On an older washing machine the symptoms should be that it carries on washing indefinitely but other faults can cause this same symptom. A heating element can easily be tested with a continuity meter and faulty ones are usually open circuit. A few modern washing machines we have come across over the years can develop faults that cause the washer to stick mid cycle and wash forever without producing an error code even though they are supposed to and even though the heater is fine. In such cases an engineer would be needed to sort it out. (This is sometimes down to the circuit board or timer receiving a different reading of the heater (R resistance electrical) than when it was manufactured) It’s certainly not a DIY job.

brands we repair

We repair and work with all the major appliance makes.


And many more!

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Very professional & efficient. Great service at a very good price. I would definitely recommend.

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Thank you - would definitely use again in future.

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Annie Yusuf
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Good repair work.

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Ellie Roberts
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Quick and efficient service - I would use them again.

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