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tumble dryer repair service in london

A&G Services is an established, professional tumble dryer repair company. Our engineers are fully trained and competent in tumble dryer repairs in London.

At A&G we follow these principles when repairing a tumble dryer:

  • Arrival of the engineer at a convenient time for you.
  • We carry large number of spare parts and tools to carry our the repair on the first visit.
  • Extreme care taken when working on the premises.
  • We are responsible for any damage caused to the property of our customers, although this does not happen.
  • Professional advice on the proper use of the repaired equipment.
  • We issue 6 months warranty on the repair and parts.
  • Affordable/list prices on spare parts.
Tumble dryer

Call us at 0207 476 8725 or 0754 085 2102 to book a service today

repair prices

tumble dryer

£75 +VAT

● no call out charge

● one off labour/Diagnostic charge

● six months guarantee

● no parking fees

● parts charged separately if required

condenser dryer

£80 +VAT

● no call out charge

● one off labour/Diagnostic charge

● six months guarantee

● no parking fees

● parts charged separately if required

common faults

We repair all tumble dryer issues inluding some of the most common ones:

drum doesn't spin

taking too long to dry

not starting

tripping the electrics

door doesn't close

wrinkled clothes

dryer gets too hot

very noisy

door doesn't open

water leaks

repair tips

Clothes feel warm but don't fully dry

You put a load in the dryer, start it and walk away. You return after the cycle finishes, only to find the clothes aren't completely dry. Maybe you just overloaded it a bit, so you run a second, shorter cycle to finish the job.

This may be the worst problem of all: Everything seems like it's working mostly as it should be, but the problem gradually gets worse over time until you realize the clothes are still sopping wet after a full cycle.


The culprit here could be a faulty heating element. If the heating element isn't working properly, the dryer will still spin and the cycle will complete, but it won't get hot enough to help dry the clothes.

Heating elements can naturally wear out over time, but overloading the dryer, not cleaning the lint screen and poor ventilation can all speed up that process.


Fortunately, replacing a heating element isn't a terribly difficult job. You can usually find a replacement heating element at a local hardware store or online by searching for your dryer model number.

Once you have the part, unplug the dryer, remove the back panel, remove the connections and install the new one. Some heating elements may require you to remove the existing thermostat from the old heating element and install it on the new one. Reattach the back panel, reconnect power and run a test cycle to check for heat.

error fault codes

brands we repair

We repair and work with all the major appliance makes.


And many more!

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Marie Adam
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Very professional & efficient. Great service at a very good price. I would definitely recommend.

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George Pidgeon
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Thank you - would definitely use again in future.

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Annie Yusuf
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Good repair work.

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Ellie Roberts
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Quick and efficient service - I would use them again.

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