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dishwasher repair service in london

A&G Services is an established, professional dishwasher repair company. Our engineers are fully trained and competent in dishwasher repairs in London.

At A&G we follow these principles when repairing a dishwasher:

  • Arrival of the engineer at a convenient time for you.
  • We carry large number of spare parts and tools to carry our the repair on the first visit.
  • Extreme care taken when working on the premises.
  • We are responsible for any damage caused to the property of our customers, although this does not happen.
  • Professional advice on the proper use of the repaired equipment.
  • We issue 6 months warranty on the repair and parts.
  • Affordable/list prices on spare parts.

Call us at 0207 476 8725 or 0754 085 2102 to book a service today

repair prices

freestanding dishwasher

£70 +VAT

● no call out charge

● one off labour/Diagnostic charge

● six months guarantee

● no parking fees

● parts charged separately if required

integrated dishwasher

£80 +VAT

● no call out charge

● one off labour/Diagnostic charge

● six months guarantee

● no parking fees

● parts charged separately if required

common faults

We repair all dishwasher issues inluding some of the most common ones:

dishes don't get clean


water doesn't drain

tripping the electrics

door doesn't close

not dispensing detergent

not starting

damaged spray arms

warning lights on

very noisy

repair tips

Lack of water

Open the dishwasher when it's not running and check the float. It looks like an inverted cup in the bottom of your washer and controls how much water gets let inside. When the float reaches a certain level, the water stops filling; if it becomes stuck in the open position or won't open at all, you won't get any water.

Too much water

If is the trouble, take a look at the hose where the water comes in. Usually, your washer will be next to the sink and will have an inlet hose there. Take a flashlight and look inside, and if you find black rubber bits, or can break some off with your finger, the rubber gasket has decayed and needs replacement.

Next, look in the bottom of the washer for any food or other objects clogging the drain. Your dishwasher may be filling up, but unable to drain fast enough. In addition, make sure to look at the nozzles on the sprayer arms. If they're clogged, use a small wire brush to clean them out.


Start by stopping the wash cycle and opening the door. Try reconfiguring the dishes in the racks. Also, make sure to spin the top "sprayer arm," located directly under the top rack. Dishes may have shifted during the cycle, blocking the arm's circular path. Finally, make sure all of the racks and rails are still tight. Over time, movement in the washer due to water pressure can cause screws to loosen, in turn causing noise. Tightening the screws should solve the problem.

error fault codes

brands we repair

We repair and work with all the major appliance makes.


And many more!

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Marie Adam
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Very professional & efficient. Great service at a very good price. I would definitely recommend.

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Thank you - would definitely use again in future.

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Annie Yusuf
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Good repair work.

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Ellie Roberts
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Quick and efficient service - I would use them again.

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