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Types of appliance repairs


Here at A&G we repair:


Washing machines




Electric ovens


Microwaves / Microwave ovens


Cooker hoods / extractors


Tumble dryers


Our houses always seems to have a lot of work to do and unfortunately it takes us a long time sometimes to do it, in honesty we would’ve loved to have spent that time onour family.


But luckily mankind invented many useful devices that allow us to mechanize labor-intensive work at home: for example devices that prepare food, wash and iron clothes, clean clothes, clean our rooms and clean flooring. They can easily help create comfortable climate in the house.
Appliances save time for your beautiful half, create coziness, facilitates our working and living conditions.


But, sadly, our irreplaceable assistants (appliances) lose performance mainly due to wear&tear and failure of individual parts our appliances are made of. And then it’s time to take care of our friends, or call out an experienced engineer
On this site you will find useful information that will help with the repair of virtually all known models of domestic and import washing machines, description of how to install and repair refrigerators, ovens, etc.


Broken vacuum cleaner/hoover? No problem, read about hoover repair, fix it yourself.
Do you need to install a washing machine? Check out – connecting a washing machine, home appliances and grounding – you can easily install appliances yourself.



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