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Electric oven common problems. How to repair electric ovens.

After working in the appliance repair industry for a long time we have a list of common problems that can occur with electric ovens and cookers which we share with you below:

1. Oven tripping electrics in the house/circuit breaker activated = possible heater or a grill element failure.

Usually the element in question need replacing. Please turn off the appliance before carrying out any work on it.

2. Oven has no power: check fuse, check there is power supply to the oven, for example if the oven is connected to a a wall switch, sometimes the switch is faulty

Check the you haven’t accidentally switched off the oven by pressing the button in the cupboard

Control module/timer failure

3. Oven making noise – either main fan/fan motor failed or needs cleaning

Possibly a cooling fan failure, if the machine starts making noise after you switched it off


We’ll be adding to this list later.


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