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Washing machine repairs£50.00
Integrated washer/dishwasher repairs£60.00
Dryer repairs£60.00
Electric oven repairs£50.00
Dishwasher repairs£55.00
Miele appliances repairs£80.00
Commercial dishwasher repairs £75.00
Commercial microwave repairs£60.00

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15 years of experience in white goods servicing

handA&G specialises in washing machine repairs in South, East, West, Central, North London. Engineers have many years of experience in oven repairs, tumble dryer repairs, cooker repairs, dishwasher repairs and microwave repairs. We also do tumble dryer repairs and cooker hood repairs. Place your confidence in a professional appliance repair company.

Our appliance repair service centre offers local professional repair service of household appliances and electronics using top quality tradesmanship and parts. We are able to resolve technical problems and mend your appliance right in your home. Differentiated approach to technical problems by experienced tradesmen allows our engineers to accurately determine the nature of the problem, source the necessary parts, if they need replacing and quickly repair the failed appliance, be it a washing machine repairs, microwave, electric oven, dishwasher or any other white good. Our service is based on many years of experience with various tools and devices, supplemented by a serious knowledge of domestic and commercial appliances. The use of advanced tools and manufacturer’s spare parts accelerates the process of repairing household appliances, our repairs are guaranteed for 6 months.

In a competitive environment, our company is growing thanks to our ability to provide personal local service often same day/next day, i.e. if it is an emergency.

To call out our washing machine repairs engineer to your house, you can contact us by phone on 0207 476 8725, and briefly describe the technical problem you are experiencing. In most cases, we only need one visit to repair your appliance. The engineer carries parts that are mostly used in his van when he visits your home.

In a case of a serious issue, for example when a washer requires new bearings, a full diagnosis of the appliance will be conducted and, after the defect has been identified, we will suggest the best way to solve the problem. In particularly difficult cases necessary parts or components can be ordered. The parts are usually delivered next day.

At A&G we follow these principles when repairing a broken appliance:

  •  arrival of the engineer at a convenient time for you
  •  we carry large number of spare parts and tools to carry our the repair on the first visit. In only 10-15% of instances we need to come back the second time in which case we charge £25 for the second visit
  • extreme care taken when working on the premises
  •  we are responsible for any damage caused to the property of our customers, although this does not happen
  •  professional advice on the proper use of the repaired equipment
  •  we issue 6 months warranty on the repair
  •  affordable/list prices on spare parts
  •  Our appliance repair service allows us to quickly repair a broken appliance on the spot, saving the customer time and money.


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